Monday, February 15, 2010

Soft Spot.

I have a soft spot in my heart for the elderly. Maybe it's because I lived in a small, rural Missouri town with my grandparents last year, where we hung out at the Lion's Club and all my friends were over the age of 75. Or maybe it's because they know so much more than I do and I can't help but respect them and value them for their wisdom and experiences. Either way, I love old people.

Thus, I plan to delve into the health successes and struggles that the elderly face as they grow up (not "grow old"...why should older people have to "grow old" while young people get to "grow up?").

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  1. I, too, discovered the wisdom and joy of spending time with the elderly when my ex-husbands grandma (Suzanna) was unexpectedly abandoned and put into a nursing home (my view).

    At family events she was treated like she was crazy and there was a lot of dysfunction in the family. After my in-laws abruptly moved out of town, we received a call that Suzanna was placed in a nursing home. It was strange since she had lived independently.....Anyway to make a long story short, I went to visit her. When I saw how being old and fearful could get you moved out of one's home, I felt the least I could do is visit her because nobody else cared.

    I had almost 1 1/2 yrs with her before she died. That is another's amazing how people who don't care suddenly want to control people's lives when it comes to dying....

    I learned to appreciate silence. That was just one of the amazing gifts Suzanna gave me and there were so many more.